Alejandro Piad

Professor (Instructor) at @matcom, University of Havana and Ph.D. student jointly at University of Alicante, working in the @knowledge-learning project.



I am first and foremost a college teacher. Sometimes I like being called a “professor”, because it sounds more professional, but there is something about the word “teacher” that captures the humbleness of the profession.I’ve taught programming, artificial intelligence, compilers, formal languages, computer graphics, videogames development, computer history, and a bunch of other stuff during the years. Right now I’m lecturing the course on compiler construction at University of Havana, and that’s my main occupation besides research.

I think about education a lot. I was lucky to receive great teaching lessons from great educators, both offline (in conferences, classes or direct dialogue) and online (in Coursera or Youtube). Over the years I’ve been forming my opinion of what constitutes good teaching. I think the core of great education lies in the balance between teaching competences and promoting values.

These posts are a collection of thoughts, rants and sometimes plain nonsense about what I think is important to keep in mind when teaching or learning.

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