Alejandro Piad

Professor (Instructor) at @matcom, University of Havana and Ph.D. student jointly at University of Alicante, working in the @knowledge-learning project.


About me

My name is Alejandro Piad. I’m a Computer Scientist from Havana, Cuba. I work as instructor (entry-level professor) and researcher at the School of Math and Computer Science, University of Havana.

My research interests include machine learning (shallow and deep), natural language processing, automatic knowledge discovery, formal languages and metaheuristics. It’s kind of a mess but it does let me try different cross-domain ideas.

Currently I’m teaching Programming to first year university students (practical lessons), and Compilers & Formal Languages to third year students (main lecturer). I’m also in the middle of a joint PhD program, between the University of Havana and the University of Alicante, where I do research mostly about deep learning applied to knowledge discovery.

In my free time I also enjoy coding, playing video games (althought not that much lately), and writing. I write that interests me, just for the fun of sharing it. This can be anything from cool stuff I found out how to do (read: code), interesting research that I do or I’ve read somewhere, or just random ramblings. I sometimes blog about pretty technical stuff mainly for students or colleagues of mine that have very similar interests. Recently I’ve been coding a lot in Python, and have a couple FOSS projects on Github that might (or not) be interesting for some. I also blog about these from time to time.

I recently quit Facebook (yeah!) but I’m sometimes online on Twitter, LinkedIn (though I don’t update it very much) and Reddit.

I believe that people are generally good, and if given the chance, they will show the better parts of themselves. I’m dedicated to education, because I think that access to high-quality, unbiased, and free education is one of the best gifts for anyone, and of the easiest ways to make people more reasonable and tolerant. I’ve been lucky to receive great education from a lot of awesome teachers, to whom I’ll be forever grateful. For these reasons, I share what I know for free, in the hopes someone can find it useful.

I also believe people should have the chance to speak their minds, without being afraid to being silenced, or hated for it, even if they are wrong. And they should have the option to recognize their mistakes, learn from them, and be forgiven. However, I do not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind, and work very hard to apply those same standards to my own behavior.